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Article by Annabella Poon

on 30 Apr 2015

This week’s best picks focuses on the future of HR – why HR needs to shift to a data-driven model, which metrics are most relevant and how HR can engage baby boomers.

  1. How do you decide which data is most relevant for your organisation to track? Vanity metrics versus actionable metrics: which are you measuring?
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Article by Annabella Poon

on 20 Mar 2015

Stretched for time? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Get the top reads of the week on all things related to the workforce.

  1. Looking for ways to improve employee engagement? Organisations are working towards raising employee health and well-being to build a stronger company. Check out the infographic.

Article by Danya Williams

on 10 Apr 2013

Job Hoppers
Millennials are increasing their impact within offices globally. By 2020 they are predicted to make up 46%, almost half of the workforce. Millennials are significant because they are known for job hopping every 2-3 years in their search for meaningful work, cultural alignment and getting what they want.

Given organisations will find this prediction worrying, Jim Stroud, USA suggests companies should consider the following: