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SaaS – A way forward?

Article by Matt Allanson

on 4 Nov 2011

Let’s keep this simple: ‘Software-as-a-Service’, 'Saas', ‘the Cloud’, ‘Web-based software’- or whatever else you want to call it - is software you access from off-site servers via the internet.  You’ll come across consultants who try to make it sound more complex than it actually is. Many people are using it without actually realising it…Added a picture to Facebook? Bang, you’ve used the cloud. Got a Gmail account? You’re flying with Aladdin. 

But why are people using it? Glad you asked. Again I am going to keep it simple, but here are 3 key reasons why HiringBoss is hosted on the Cloud. 

It’s Hassle Free  
I have two memories of server-based (non-Cloud) software solutions: 

1) Tiffany, our receptionist, receiving a disk in the mail every 90 days that would give us the ‘latest’ property transactions for the whole of Southern Australia (I was working in property development at the time). 

I’ll never forget the sound of her voice yelling from the front desk urging everyone not to login while she was doing her hour-long update from a regularly corrupt disk. You may think things have moved on from this, but you would be surprised. Cloud hosting means no more loading disks to work stations or local servers, as updates are handled automatically.

2) The servers sitting in the store room, blinking away like a cat on the top shelf looking down at the dog barking up at her from the floor.  That metaphor would make more sense if you average Tabby cost thousands of dollars, broke down on a regular basis and needed to be maintained by highly-paid staff. 

With Web Based Software the updates happen live, automatically and you don’t need a costly server and staff to support it. Plus, wouldn’t your server room be better used as an extra meeting room?

Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that server-based software has its place….. but so does aviation fuel (Avgas). Sure, you can run Avgas in your street car and it will give you some extra punch, but it will cost you twice as much per tank, burn faster and mean you have to visit the workshop every other week. 

Here’s the thing, with the speed of today’s internet connections, the difference between getting data from the cloud V’s the server in the next room is minimal. So there really isn’t any need for Avgas in most businesses. 


I could (but won’t) name countless business that have lost years of data and god knows how much money because their server cashed or their office flooded without a back-up policy. Your data is stored off-site potentially in many different locations in some of the most secure and safe buildings known to man. Sure, it’s not 100% fool proof, but neither is any back up policy.    

And another thing....
Finally don’t let the scare mongers confuse you about cloud computing. It really is simple, safe and pretty much guaranteed to be cheaper than traditional applications. It’s the future, and the direction that all smart businesses are headed…which is why HiringBoss has been designed and created for the Cloud from day 1.