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"Human Resources: The Industry That Technology Forgot?" Discuss.

Look down the hall to the Human Resources department. Notice anything different?  Years ago, when the industry was in its infancy, the HR department was an undefined administrative post which helped set the framework for hiring and firing of employees.

Today it is much, much more. Today HR directors and their departments must be well versed in legal & compliance issues, be up-to-date on all the latest training & motivational techniques, have a solid grasp of accounting, monitor changes in the corporate P&L, not to mention be able to find, hire and retain talent for their firm before it is found, hired or poached by a competitor. And this is not even a complete list!

With such a broad mandate one would assume that the tools available to today’s HR managers have naturally kept up with the times. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Obsolete technology is still being used which, in the end, creates more complications than effect.  Why? Fear is a big motivator, as well as the company bottom line. Fear of new systems seems almost as prevalent as the fear of snakes…almost phobic. Furthermore, CFOs with a tenuous grasp of the complexity of HR’s responsibilities are often disinclined to sign off on new technology which is usually perceived as expensive and requiring a great deal of implementation time. Better the devil we know, or so the saying goes.

Let’s be realistic: times are tough and not getting any easier in the near future. For HR to be able to provide the very best for their respective firms they need to be equipped with the best tools on the market to have any chance against their competitors. You can’t expect 21st century results with 20th century tech.

At HiringBoss we are committed to supporting the HR department by providing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed with the user in mind – not just the HR professionals who live and breathe this all day, but for all those they interact with: line managers, interviewers, and external staff to name a few.

HiringBoss aims to make the process of finding, interviewing, gathering feedback and finally offering a role to a candidate easier. No longer is it required for your line managers to commit to a 4 hour lecture/training session. If they can open an email they can interact with HiringBoss.

Simply put: HiringBoss was designed to provide HR teams the tools to work better, faster and smarter without abusing the company’s bottom line. Some of the other areas where HiringBoss can immediately add value:

Language barriers?
Not a problem. Hiring Boss is already in Japanese and English and we are adding ten more languages at the end of the year.

Hate scheduling interviews?
Not a problem. The HiringBoss interview auto-scheduler allows you to set-up interviews without sending a single email or picking up the phone.

Hiring for a different region and time zone?
Not a problem. HiringBoss will allow you to focus your efforts by streamlining communication with line managers, interviewers, as well as external recruiters – wherever they may be. Post to the FAQ boards and communicate effortlessly with hiring managers, internal recruiters and external vendors on job/candidate requirements, compensation, etc.

Change is not everyone’s favorite thing, but like death and taxes, it is inevitable. All around us from biological forces to weather patterns the world is in a constant state of flux. As humans we do our best keep up, or things end up passing us by. Our careers are no different, but unlike evolution or climate change, the tools for keeping us competitive and helping us shape the future are at our fingertips today.  

We see HiringBoss as the natural progression from clunky, awkward-to-use, and difficult-to-learn software of its ancestors, to a sleek system designed with the end user in mind. The HR department has evolved, so too should your software. Contact Us for a free, live demo, we'd love to speak to you.