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HiringBoss hosts its first annual conference: Japan.

Article by Matt Allanson

on 25 Jan 2012

One of the great things about running a business in Asia is the diversity of cultures on your door step.

Take Australia as an example at the opposite end of the spectrum: sure, the drive 800km between my home town Adelaide and Melbourne sees a few changes. Each town is slightly different with its own slightly unique character, and, like my father always says, ‘’The best burger is at the Keith Road House- also be careful of the bends at the train line and never, ever speed through Horsham’’ He was right: I had plenty of the burgers, almost crashed on the bends many times… and put about $1000 into the Horsham economy through the Police Fines Department.  As for the rest of the country, the weather might be a couple of degrees cooler, the brand of meat pie or beer-of-choice might be different …but generally across Australia, we’re pretty much the same.

Asia is a different story. Just a few kms can mean a totally different language and culture. It doesn’t stop there. In each country doing business, and dealing with speeding fines for that matter, has it’s own unique intricacies… but that’s a different conversation.

So Tuesday the 13th we saddled up the Singapore team on flight JAL36 to Tokyo. In about the same time it takes to fly from Perth to Sydney, or Houston to New York we landed in Japan, a country that couldn’t be more different to home. It seems my body has become used to the constant 32 degree days in Singapore because Tokyo was cold, very cold!

We hooked up with the Japan team at the HiringBoss Tokyo office, had a great meeting with one of Japans’ largest companies, then headed to Tokyo Station for a 260KPH journey on the Nagano Shinkansen to our final destination in the Japan Alps. The team were left breathless with the beauty of Hakuba and the amazing venue of One Happo Chalet. It’s operated by the One Chalets, who took amazing care of us throughout our stay. Take a look at their website:

The next two days were amazingly productive. Our team of seven people from all over the world (yes, that's a few of us you can see in the photo above) with eleven languages spoken from very different places and backgrounds came together to form strategy, vision and share ideas, peaking with an internal debate about the direction of our company. Sadly there could only be one winner, the affirmative team of Alecks, Heather and…well…me.

So what did we get out of the week?

Well, 2012 is going to be a big year for HiringBoss, no question. But we honestly believe we are shaping an amazing business for multiple markets that will help our customers recruit better candidates, faster and more efficiently than ever before. We’re piecing together the puzzle of recruitment in a region that is so diverse it makes me giddy. 

How does this help our customers?

Many of our customers deal with software vendors who find the diversity of Asia a problem. We take it in our stride and are motivated by it. The large multi-nationals in our domain struggle to adapt while we revel in it. They expect their customers to adapt to their established model. At HiringBoss take the opposite approach: we’ve adapted HiringBoss to each country and region, with a focus on our ‘No training required’ approach. After all, HiringBoss was conceived from day 1 as Asia’s ATS and, we hope you’ll agree, that there is no other recruitment software company that takes Asian business as seriously as HiringBoss.This is what makes HiringBoss ‘The Boss that works for you’.

Quite simply we are in a great position with a great product.  Here’s to a fantastic 2012. We’d love to hear from you, contact us for a demo and find out more.