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Social Media Explained: What is LinkedIn?

HiringBoss is a deeply social recruiting platform. It is designed to make instantly sharing new vacancies across social media quick and easy, helping you to build on employer branding and engage with passive talent more directly.  Here, regular HiringBoss contributor and Japanese social recruiting expert Mika Nomura spotlights LinkedIn and how it can empower your recruiting program for success.

"Recently I explained about the basics of Social Recruiting and its merits, so today I would like to dive into more detail about LinkedIn, one of the most useful social networking services (SNS) for global recruiting and mid-career hiring.
In Japan, LinkedIn is still not very popular, however it has been designed for business SNS. The number of users is currently about 200million across 200 different countries globally (as of Jan 2013). It has been localized into 19 different languages, including Japanese, so that the same platform can be used globally.
The biggest difference from Facebook is that LinkedIn is uploading individual names and business experiences, enabling us to conduct business meetings, profile matching and to find experts in any special industries. In other words, Facebook is good for building relationships within your networks, and LinkedIn is good for expanding your professional network. Think of it like an “online business network event”.
What type of users are in Japan? Until 2 years ago, the platform was in English only so that the majority of users were only English speakers. For example, people who are working at foreign affiliated companies, people who have studied abroad, and foreigners living in Japan. However, after the Japanese version was released, skills in English are not important anymore and we are seeing increasing numbers of users gradually. Industry-wise, LinkedIn used to have lots of IT and Finance area users, but manufacturing, trading, and healthcare industry users are increasing recently. Job title wise, we are also seeing an increase in HR, corporate recruiters, sales & marketing, PR and recruiters in recruiting firms on LinkedIn.
An interesting feature of LinkedIn is that you can leave it well alone if you don’t want to use. I mean, whenever you want to use it, you can. For Facebook, you might have experiences that when you missed the timing to press ‘like!’ you felt bad, whereas on the other hand, LinkedIn is not a problem. Furthermore, if you upload some private photos on LinkedIn, you might be embarrassed...! There is a ore clearly defined boundary between the personal / professional in LinkedIn.
Some people might hesitate to show their real name and their business experience on LinkedIn. I personally started using LinkedIn from October 2004 and have not had any problems at all. If you have doubts about the credibility of LinkedIn users, you can look at the user’s contact details sand quickly check whether this person is real or not. (If he or she has certain numbers of contacts including his/her colleagues, this person is also likely to be real)
Next time, I will explain how to use LinkedIn for social recruiting, so I’d recommend reading that if you are not sure about how to use LinkedIn."
About the Author: Mika Nomura has over 20 years of experience in the Staffing/Recruitment business in Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong.  In 2000, she moved to New York to work for a boutique recruitment firm. Establishing the finance industry recruitment division from scratch, she was selected as one of the Top 3 preferred suppliers at a major investment bank in NY.
She moved back to Tokyo in 2004 to join Hays Specialist Recruitment Japan to utilize her oversees experience and strong recruitment business knowledge. Ranking as the No.1 recruiter for 2006, 2007, and No.2 in 2010. While working at Hays, she realized that Japan needed to sophisticate the outdated Japanese recruitment business model. Wanting to help these companies she founded her own consulting firm called, Aphrodia, Inc in 2011. View Mika's company website here.