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Why LinkedIn Will Never Kill Niche Job Boards

Major Job boards around the world such as Monster and CareerBuilder have seen job advertisements declining in recent years due to the presence of LinkedIn. It obviously offers a very effective way of finding talent yet at a very affordable cost. Though it has had a negative impact on Job Boards; in the long run, they still play an important role as an advertising platform.

As a social media, people use LinkedIn for several purposes such as: checking out what other people do, adding professional connections, posting discussions as well as looking for career advancement. The trend is that people like to share and LinkedIn has the technology for people to do this effectively. Like other social media, the ability to see people’s profiles, add them as connection as well engage in interactive ways are the foundation of this type of media.

As a recruiter, I speak with great confident that once I open up LinkedIn, what I see is news and people. In the same way, this is also what other people expect when they see LinkedIn. So, people still expect to see jobs on job boards, at least the mindset is that people still hunt for jobs on job websites. Although people are continually adapting and people have started to look for jobs in LinkedIn; in the long run, that will not change how people perceive it as a social media. For niche job boards, it is great news because as the economy grows, the need for talent will continue to rise. This job board can utilize LinkedIn as a tool to engage professionals in an exclusive group discussion by targeting geographic location, expertise and experience.

As people now can easily put their profile in public view, more and more recruiters find it easier to find talent than ever before. New recruitment agencies have the same level of access as the long established recruitment firms for public resumes available on LinkedIn. However, for niche talent, companies may still find it difficult to engage the candidates. Therefore the need and potential growth of specialist recruitment firms and niche job boards is still on the horizon.

In a competitive market, companies have to start building their brands intensively in order to both strengthen branding and earn a reputation within the highly competitive job market. This effort is not solely for attracting candidates, but also using brands to lead a greater success in attracting top level talent.  This can be done in a lot of ways and companies should always adopt digital channels including corporate’ career pages, social media, and career sites. It is even better that this digital media is both measureable and affordable.

As social recruiting becomes the more and more popular, niche job boards with social media integration can have a competitive advantage and gain greater success. It can attract top talent and quality candidates within a very specific industry.

About the Author
Ahmad Iqbal - Founder and CEO of Executive Walk

Ahmad is 2007-2009 Fulbright Grantee from Indonesia who went to study in the United States under Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) Program. He obtained his Associate's Degree in Business Management from Kirkwood Community College as well as completed a two year American Cultural and Political Learning program funded by CCID. As part of the program, he also sharpened his skills and knowledge in recruitment by working as an intern recruiter at PAETEC Telecom in Iowa, USA. His last career ladder was to work at an international recruitment firm as an executive recruiter before he started