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Why Using Recruitment Software?

Managing employees is a task that every business does. It is one of the most important internal business dimensions and should be managed very seriously in order to develop your organization. The process of efficiently finding the right talent will save you a lot of money, streamline your business processes, and increase your business profitability. Adversely, hiring the wrong person can cost you an outrageous amount of time, money and jeopardize your company’s reputation. Recruitment is a seemingly simple task but each step in the process consumes a great deal of time and requires knowledge and skill.  Inability to manage this process well can see top talent turn away from your company.  Grade A talent will expect the process to be thorough, efficient and professional at each and every step.

As a recruiter, I would like to give a real life example that probably many other recruiters have experienced. Once, I referred a very good candidate called Mr. X and he had been through all the interview processes with Company Y for a project manager position. The hiring manager loved the candidate and informed the recruiting manager to have a good look at the candidate without giving a clear signal as to whether to give an offer or not. Unexpectedly, at that time the hiring manager took his long annual leave for nearly two weeks. The candidate actually possessed a highly demanded skill in the job market and he had actually attended some interviews with other prospective employers as well.

Not long after the hiring manager had gone, the candidate was informed that he had an offer from company Z and that he should decide within three days. Since he was still very interested with company Y, he called me up and explained about it and asked whether the company Y would still be interested in him or not. Therefore, I called up as the recruiting manager, explained the situation, and tried to give a sense of urgency about this candidate; however, there was still no certainty given about the offering. I discussed with the candidate and he seemed to be unhappy and had started losing his interest in company X. At this point, I tried to keep his level of enthusiasm up and was often in touch with him hoping that he would still be interested. Amid uncertainty, the candidate discussed the situation with his family and friends, and finally signed the offer letter from company Z. A few days later the hiring manager came back, without knowing that the candidate “had gone,” he asked the recruiting manager to prepare an offer letter to the candidate. The recruiting manager was very unhappy to find out that his preferred candidate had walked away. Unfortunately me as the recruitment consultant got the blame and even more painful, we had to start the process from scratch again!

So, what went wrong in the recruitment process? The inabilities to react faster and have a sense of urgency during decision making were the main reasons for failure. If the hiring manager was engaged as well as monitoring each stage in the recruitment process, things like this could be avoided. Imagine using an e-recruitment system that is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The hiring manager could monitor every stage of the recruitment process and take immediate action as simple as giving a yes or no answer. Good recruitment software can deliver a speedy and efficient recruitment process which is faster by up to 50 percent. So if you are thinking about taking your organization to the next level, then you should invest in recruitment technology right now.
There are actually more than fifty reasons why you should adopt end-to-end recruitment software. But in this article, let’s talk about few important points:

  1. Recruitment System Longevity

When you invest in recruitment technology, it means you purchase an assurance for your recruitment process longevity. Every stage of the recruitment process for all vacant positions in your company can be easily tracked by any recruiter. What does this mean? If a recruiter in your company resigns and a new recruiter comes on board, he or she can follow your recruitment process easily and quickly. Most importantly, it can shorten the training time lag for new recruiters and you can get new talent settled in and earning hitting targets without interruption.

  1. Organized Talent Pool Database

Sometimes, after you advertise your vacant positions on a job board, you may get some good quality candidates but who are irrelevant to your current opening. Then, you may keep their CVs in your computer hoping that you will need the talents someday so you will have the ability to contact them in the future. When the time has come and new position opens, suddenly you remember that you have kept some good profiles in your computer. Now, a new problem exists. You may have forgotten which folder you have saved the CVs in, or if you do find them; you have to search amongst hundreds of different CVs. Although you finally get the CV that you look for; think about how much time is wasted doing menial tasks such as this.
When you use recruitment software, you can create your own talent pool database; accessible to any person that you decide to share it with. You can search any resume using relevant “keywords” or “Boolean logic” and the system will show up appropriate CVs to you in a matter of seconds. You can sort out your candidate based on years of experience, age, salary, job function, location and other attributes. This will help corporate recruiters do their jobs faster since they have to fill a large volume of applications for all different kind of positions within a company. It is truly a recruiters best friend.

  1. Ability to Screen CVs Both in Ms. Word and PDF Files

Not all recruitment software has the capability to screen CVs in PDF form. If you don’t pay attention on this little detail, you may regret choosing the wrong software in the future. The fact is that some of top level candidates out there still send their CVs in PDF format. Especially with the emergent technology of social recruiting, more and more people will use LinkedIn public profile and once they hit “Apply with LinkedIn” button, you will get a PDF file in your inbox. So be sure to have this extra little feature in your technology and you will be amazed how much time you actually save during the recruitment process.

  1. All Recruitment History Stays in the System

Corporate recruiters deal with a lot of interviews every day. The ability to add some brief information about a particular candidate i.e. the reason for rejection, their strengths, their weakness, soft skills, etc. will add value to your recruitment process. We may have the possibility of crossing paths again with previous candidates and that extra information will enable you to stay ahead of the game. It is similar to the point number 1, as discussed above. A new recruiter can follow the recruitment process quickly by utilizing previously recorded information in the system.

  1. Automatic Interview, Rejection and Offer Letter Emails

There is no need to send a single email to your candidates in Ms. Outlook. Good recruitment software has been designed to do this task for you. With Ms. Outlook email and calendar integration, you can see hiring manager available time slots and arrange interviews within a few clicks of your mouse. When you are ready to hire the candidate, you can change the candidate status in the system into accepted and send an offer letter from the system. All emails are traceable in the “sent items” of your Ms. Outlook email.
For all unsatisfactory candidates, you can reject their application from the system and an automated thank you letters will be sent to their emails. This is one of the most important parts because all candidates that have gone through your recruitment processes expect to hear some feedback from you. By doing this, you have built a good relationship with all applicants and if one day you would like to process them for other positions, they would be happy to go through it again. A simple thank you letter can make a big different and yet many companies fail to do so.

  1. Analytical Information to Measure Your Recruitment Activities

No company can afford to not to take action without analytical information. Especially in recruitment, all business information from CVs to interview ratios, CVs to placement ratios, interviews to placement ratios, and other logical factors can measure how effective your recruitment process currently is. You may also want to track where good CVs come from, which staffing agency delivers good candidates and your recruitment spending.
Conclusion: Not all recruitment software can perform all the functions discussed above. If you think of technology as a long term investment, then you should be picky. A good software provider shall establish in-country support in order to be closer to their customers. This is a very important thing since not all recruiters are tech savvy. After all, choosing the best software can have a huge, positive impact on your business.

About the Author

Ahmad Iqbal is the CEO of PT. Mitra Eksekutif, a company that specializes in an online executive job board called He provides free consultation on a broad range of recruitment technologies to meet your hiring needs. To contact him, you can send email to