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How Accurate Data Can Improve Recruitment

Surrounded with multiple sheets of reports? Finding it hard to make sense of it all?
If your existing data systems aren't able to churn out accurate information that will enhance your company’s recruitment strategies, then it’s time to take another look at your current processes and available tools.
But, first, we must address what accurate data is.
Various streamlined data processing systems have been introduced into the fast-changing industry thanks to the advancements of technological innovations in the market. With these systems, companies can input their existing information (e.g. candidate information and feedback, tracking methodology, etc) to generate data that is real-time and relevant to the needs of the company. This data can then be analysed and reviewed by the management – a step that can be overwhelming if done with a pile of paperwork.
If all this sounds new to you, then HRBoss has a few reasons that could convince you to start considering the urgent need for an accurate data generation system.

1.      Meet organization goals

Does your company plan to excel in recruitment?
With a big data management system, you can easily align your recruitment process to help you achieve your organisation’s objectives. How?

  • Data management systems help to bring your recruitment process on par with the employer brand that you wish to portray to your target market.
  • With the data generated, you will be able to highlight existing best practices that work well and identify possible areas of improvement.
  • Make “timely decisions” – with the accuracy of the data produced, human resource and hiring managers can be more proactive as the data gives allows them to foresee and deal with rising issues swiftly. 

2.      Enhance performance

With accurate data, your company can effectively enhance the performance of your workforce in several ways: 

  • Central tracking: Having a single, centralised dashboard will provide real-time access to analyse data from across the board.
  • Strategic sourcing and acquiring of talent: Spot gaps that need to be filled within the organisation and source for talents accordingly. Input interview feedback into your system to ensure that talents match the requirements and are in-line with the standards you want to meet.
  • Boost marketing: With statistics from career sites and social media accounts, identify and select the right platforms that are appropriate for job postings for your industry.
  • Improve psychological motivation: The key to attracting quality candidates is to understand what motivates them. Get powerful insights from candidate feedback to find out and track what benefits are sought-after. Fine-tune your recruitment process with this data before launching your campaigns into the market.
  • Training and development: On top of motivating candidates with benefits, discover if there is a necessity to send your employees for training. Training will not only help your staff develop a certain skill set, but in the long term, can enhance overall performance of your workforce.
  • Employee Retention: It is not unbeknown that hiring new recruits costs more than retaining existing employees. With accurate data generated, companies can monitor the costs per hire – alerting them on when to implement employee retention approaches to maintain recruitment costs.

Read more about costs of hiring here. 

3.      Make conclusive predictions

Members of a company’s management are always on the look-out for top-notch candidates, loyal members of the staff, as well as, reasons for workforce turnover. With a data processing system, you can analyse and track the current trends in your recruitment process.
But why stop there?
Using this data, companies can then start making conclusive predictions for the future instead of jumping to assumptions. Analyse peak periods in the recruitment market, fill out gaps that were not spotted in current situations, and more.
Looking for the perfect system to help your business derive the accurate data needed to improve recruitment strategies? Introducing EmployeeBoss! Contact us today to find out more.

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