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How To Improve Your Employer Branding

Our infographic has said it all.  A majority of the top 30 companies on the Straits Times Index (STI) have fallen behind with their employer branding.
A company’s products and services may be of top class, but neither of these could be possible without a company’s best asset – its people.
And that’s why companies should spend time and effort in managing human resources – it can only serve to boost your company’s brand as the ideal place to work in.
But how do you go about it? Read through our list of ways to improve your brand as an employer below.


1.    Acknowledge the power of the Internet
The internet today has become by far the most integral tool in the recruitment process – connecting recruiters and job seekers within a few clicks of a button. Not only are job seekers actively searching for openings online, they are also constantly searching for company information to better equip themselves for interviews.
With regards to this, it becomes vital that companies put in effort in creating their presence on the internet. Whilst having a website should be priority, here are some tips on what your website should contain to further improve your employer branding:
• Ensure your website is up to date: An inactive website will not be able to give a job seeker a clear insight into your company’s progress, potentially damaging your brand as an employer.
• Create mobile optimised website: 92% of Singaporeans aged between 25 to 39 own and use smart phones; yet none of the top 30 STI companies have mobile optimised career sites. Stay ahead of competition.
• Have a dedicated career page: Display job openings on a dedicated page with focus given to the benefits of working in your organisation.
• Provide an easy application process: Think of it this way – if you can make payment on an online store within 15 minutes, then any job application process that takes longer than that will not serve you well.
2.    Get social media savvy!
It’s time to jump on the social media bandwagon. Recruiters are doing it, job seekers are doing it and if you want to reach out to a group of young, fresh talent then it’s imperative that you do so too.
Start with popular social media networks that are known for job opening advertisements such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you’ve established a presence on these networks, start displaying your job openings either via online statuses or by targeted advertising.
The beauty of social media is its ability to make your job postings viral. Ensure your website has tools and buttons that allow job seekers to share your openings amongst their social circle as well.
3.    Recognise the importance of work-life balance
In our infographic, we identified that nearly 62% of Singaporeans turned down job offers due to concerns with work-life balance. In order to brand yourself as an organisation that values work-life balance, you can:

• Showcase and be transparent about your company’s job culture on your website’s dedicated career page
• Consider presenting testimonials on the experiences employees go through in our company. Vary the media used by displaying testimonials in text (quotes), pictures, audio shout outs or even video clips.
Follow these simple steps and we believe that your employer branding will be able to reach greater heights!
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About the Author

Manisha Dhalani is a freelance writer with a background in communications and psychology. She infuses her experiences into her written work, providing worthwhile and informative articles to her readers. View her writing portfolio here