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An Infographic: Do Singapore Companies Take Hiring Seriously?

Singapore is well-known for skyscrapers with giant screens that flash logos of companies which provide exceptional customer service. But how much of this consumer branding equates to how these brands perform as employers? Do these companies take hiring seriously? Are they providing the new generation of talent with satisfying recruitment experiences?
In order to get answers, HRBoss conducted a study on how the top 30 companies in the Straits Times Index (STI) fare in employer branding. HRBoss's researchers went through websites and application experiences of these companies and considered various factors that are likely to influence a job seeker’s impression of a company.
Here’s a sneak peek of what HRBoss gathered from the study:

  • Although 92% of Singaporeans aged 25 to 39 own smart phones, none of the 30 companies provided mobile optimised career websites.
  • Only 9 out of 30 companies linked their corporate websites to their social media pages – a rather low figure if compared to the importance given to social media by job seekers.
  • One-third of the companies studied provided an insight into their work culture by presenting employee testimonials.

View more of the findings via the infographic below.


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