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Crowdsourcing: A New Way To Recruit?

Crowdsourcing – a term meaning to gather resources from a crowd – has been turning heads of industry players for a while now. But is this trend increasingly becoming the new way to recruit in Singapore?

 We believe so.
Although majority of the players we are aware of are firm believers of the traditional ways of recruiting, we’ve noticed a younger, dynamic pack of recruiters who are trying to find new ways to hire.
Enter – crowdsourcing.


Talented graduates are always freshly emerging from colleges and universities, hungry for work. Local professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) are always looking out for better career opportunities.
But “old school” recruiters are still meddling around in their own pool of talent, desperately trying to find the right match for job openings.
It’s now time to branch out. While new rules are being set in place, recruiters are required to find new ways of building communities will with talent that is home grown. Jumping on the crowdsourcing bandwagon is possibly the quickest way to get there. Here’s how:
1.    Believe in the power of referrals

It’s not the first time that you’ve heard of referrals. It’s been done to death – or so it’s been thought.
On the contrary, referrals are the way to go with crowdsourcing. However, as the new generation of young pool of talent are always looking out for dynamic ways to be rewarded, hiring managers should work on spicing things up.
Methods like crowdsourcing via forums, networking sessions, social media and even gamification (using games to attract people to join their companies or refer people who fit into roles) have very quickly gained popularity amongst the younger crowd. Remember that the keyword to transforming boring ol’ referrals is to inject fun into the process.
With crowdsourcing, recruiters can then build their own communities where they can reward each new referral, whether it be monetary or by other creative methods such as points, badges (think Foursquare), and networking opportunities.
2.    Get help from social media
The mention of Foursquare brings us to the next point.
Hiring managers and recruiters alike should actively turn to social media to source for candidates to add to their talent pools. Many social media networks already have public communities of job seekers that are readily available to tap into. However, recruiters should still work on building on of their own in order to be able to track and maintain good quality and standards.
Several popular games on Facebook have successfully showcased how crowdsourcing tactics are a winner in the eyes of the public. By referring friends to the games, getting rewarded by friends and in turn “helping” them by providing them with valuable “needs” to advance in the game, gamification has excelled in proving how bringing a crowd of people together can very quickly boost a product.
Apply the same process with your job openings. With the right tricks up your sleeve, and with social media’s ability to spread things like wildfire, watch your job advertisements go viral. Get friends to “share” your post and refer their friends who fit the job description in return for a respectable reward.
Think of out-of-the-box ideas such as videos, games, contests, and other creative sources that would attract a crowd of people to your listing.
3.    Don’t forget the human touch

Think of crowdsourcing as a friendly dinner party gathering for new neighbours in the building – it has to be welcoming. Being a robotic recruiter with standard-type job advertisements isn’t going to do the trick in getting a crowd to source out the best possible solution for you.
Add in flavour to your job postings. Keep the humour light but acceptable. Adhere to employment rules but keep it fun and engaging at the same time.
Whether via traditional recruitment or crowdsourcing – manage of your increasing population of talent with HRBoss. Contact us today to find out how!