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Top 5 Reasons Why Recruiters in Asia Need to Embrace the Cloud

Still sitting on the fence if you take your recruitment process to the Cloud? Here are the top five reasons why Cloud is the way to go if you want to store recruitment data in a safe, accessible and cost-effective manner.

1. Speed

  • Speed of Implementation & Deployment

Opening up a new company in Asia can be costly, especially in terms of capital, IT personnel and maintenance of the technology infrastructure. However, with Cloud services, recruiters simply need a laptop and access to the internet. Absolutely no hardware or installation is required to access the Cloud staffing CRM programs.

  • Recruiting Speed

Cloud services are favoured because of their reliability and availability. Unlike On-premise systems, you can expect less downtime or technical interruptions. Frequent updates delivered seamlessly to the Cloud system also ensures that you get the latest releases to fast-track your recruitment process.

2. Accessibility
A true Cloud service allows for access on the go. Recruiting can take place from anywhere at any time. The best providers offer a 24/7 database service that can be accessed securely anywhere from a mobile device. Mobile users are already doing anything and everything that desktop users do. According to a 2013 study by LinkedIn, 59% of candidates use mobile to learn about opportunities and 52% of candidates use mobile to apply. With more users globally using mobile technology, there’s a need for recruiters in this market to go mobile. Having access on-demand CRM/ATS is the way to go.

3. Security
Security is critical to all IT systems, whether they are Cloud-based or not. Cloud solutions are SSAE16 accredited to ensure that all data stored, retrieved or sent to the Cloud are secure. This eliminates the need for recruiting firms to invest in security systems such as firewalls and other intrusion detection systems. The professional worldwide Cloud providers with regular audits implement disaster recovery protocols to help recover from any losses that might occur to their data.

4. Costs
Cloud services are cost-effective and therefore very attractive for businesses. Without the need for physical system purchase, implementation, and regular maintenance, recruitment agencies can focus more time and manpower on getting jobs and filling jobs. Moreover with everything in the Cloud, they also have access to unlimited storage for their data.

A study by Manchester Business School found that 88 percent of Cloud users pointed to cost savings and 56 percent of respondents agreed that Cloud services have helped them boost profits. With Cloud, the recruitment firms enjoy benefits like lower operational costs, less outlay, no hardware purchase and no personnel or office required. Ultimately, leading to increased profits and ease for newer recruitment firms wanting to penetrate the market.

5. Scalability
Cloud services are flexible, agile and very flexible to allow for growth. With access to new software releases and the technology in the market, recruiters in Asia can easily grow their businesses because the platform caters for that. Less effort is needed for recruitment agencies if they wish to expand their businesses in the future.

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