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Non-disruptive Data Migration For Recruitment Agencies

Transferring data between computer systems or storage platforms is never a trivial task, especially given the characteristics of the data we deal with today - high in volume, variety, velocity and varying levels of veracity. This makes data migration particularly complex and unappealing because data-migration jobs means that cost overruns, excessive downtimes and delays with “go-lives” are all too common.

Many of our new StaffingBoss clients were initially reluctant to switch over from their old systems because they were afraid of losing their data and documents during the migration. Here are some of the commonly asked questions and key concerns they had:

  • How much downtime will be incurred during migration?
  • Is this a manual process we have to undertake?
  • How do you ensure that all the existing data is mapped over into the new system?
  • What about data security and integrity issues? Who owns the data?
  • What happens if the data becomes corrupted? Will there be a back-up?
  • What about technical compatibility and application performance issues?

Of course, these concerns are understandable. “Data is often the most valuable asset that a company owns.” says Steve Kay, Product Manager of HRBoss. “Making sure that the data is not put at risk and that it retains its value in a new system is highly critical. This is why migrating data from one system to another can be a highly emotive time in the implementation of a new system.” Thus, very often, many businesses choose to remain with their current systems (no matter how limited), building wish-lists of what they hope their existing systems could do.

Kay added, “As long as the vendor has a well-documented and communicated ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process in place with appropriate controls, the actual process of data migration can be relatively simple.” Data migration need not be a painful experience as long as you have the right technology and a good support team with reliable methodology that helps you plan, design, migrate and validate the migration process. Rather than delay the purchase of a new technology because of potential migration problems, there are new tools and approaches that help minimise the risks and business impact of data migration.

So what’s stopping you?

One of the factors that distinguishes us from other vendors is a seamless data migration experience. We help with data relocation so our clients are reassured that they can easily move from their current system to StaffingBoss, without risk of losing precious data and documents (both current and historical) about jobs, companies, clients and candidates.

Craig Cook, Chief Information Officer of HRBoss, shares “A lot of data migration plans use low level developer tools and a technical process to extract from legacy systems, transform the data as needed and load to the new system but there’s a huge problem with this - developers are not data experts. What this highlights is the inefficiency of data migration plans and also hassle of repeated iteration between the data owners and those tasked with carrying out the migration.”

We support all our clients by providing a non-disruptive migration so you can change over to StaffingBoss - a faster, sexier, feature-rich system without changing anything. With a properly designed ETL system, you can reduce the cost, complexity and risk involved in data integrity issues. Cook also mentions that “data migration is done with a senior level development, an execution plan and a thorough test/validation phase.”

We recognise that for staffing firms, the most valuable data for your business are your contacts and we’ve got that covered. You can be reassured that all the following data from your current system can be migrated over to StaffingBoss:

  • Jobs
  • Company details  with associated Terms and Condition documents
  • Company Contact details including any historical comments, messages and emails associated with the contact
  • Candidate details including any documents, historical comments, messages and emails associated with the candidate

If you’re interested in upgrading your current recruitment system but worried about what data migration might cost you, consider StaffingBoss. You will be able to import all data from your existing CRM. Designed by recruiting industry experts as Asia’s 1st dedicated staffing CRM / ATS solution, StaffingBoss comes with embedded Business Intelligence and Business Process Management.

You can make the change without changing anything. Try Now!