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HR Reporting Is Broken

The recently published Asia HR Big Data Survey 2014 reveals that human resource professionals across the region are spending a disproportionate amount of time locked into demanding, yet inefficient, reporting cycles. The study also shows that the ‘Excel Hell’ syndrome currently plaguing HR is only set to deteriorate. Across the board, HR is feeling under increasing pressure to deliver detailed workforce data to Senior management…but with a lack of efficient systems to manage this data-deluge, how can HR rise to the challenge and deliver accurate and insightful report that the business needs? Read on to find out how HR reporting is broken and download the full survey whitepaper for more information.

Recognising that people are the most important asset in an organisation and the key to competitive advantage, organisations are now exploring ways to source for Talent and reengage their existing workforce.  HR is expected to transform itself into a strategic partner that is able to give each department within the business the insights it needs to effectively manage their people.

Decision-makers like HR Directors need to be well-informed about HR-related issues within the organisation and, in order to do this, HR reports are the most useful communication tool. However, HR is spending a disproportionate amount of time generating reports.

According to the recent Asia HR Big Data Survey Whitepaper Report by HRBoss, HR is expending far too much time preparing reports. 88% spend more than 2 full days per month preparing reports while 22% of HR in APAC are spending over 6 days per month– that’s more than 1 entire work week. 


As if preparing these reports isn’t enough, higher management are also requesting for reports more frequently. 87% of HR have to deliver reports monthly. 30% of HR Admins, Managers and Directors have a weekly or even daily reporting cycle. In the most demanding places, Japan and Thailand, 90% of HR professionals are also locked into weekly or daily reporting cycles.
As the demand from decision-makers increases, it is clear that HR is trapped in a reporting nightmare and not surprisingly, HR professionals are becoming frustrated. 

The whitepaper report reveals a huge disconnect between how CHROs regard the reporting cycle and the actual burden it places on their staff. 67% of CHROs believe that employees spend less than 1 day/month preparing reports but in reality just 12% of HR professionals spend less than 1 day preparing these reports.
HR reporting is broken – not only does reporting consume time that could have been more well-spent, the demand for data-driven workforce reporting is rapidly catching on but HR is struggling to keep up. How will out-of-date data drive business results?
Reporting delays affects decision making processes and its ability to deliver strategic value to the organisation. In today’s age of smart businesses where change is constant, accurate and real-time information is critical. 
HR needs to devote less time to preparing reports that can only give a view of the past but focus more on what’s needed for the success of tomorrow. This calls for the need for Cloud solutions, such as EmployeeBoss, which are capable of creating visibility across an organisation’s employee landscape by building multi-dimensional overviews….only then will HR be able to make quick analysis to derive valuable and actionable insights.
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