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Friday Recruiting Brief #6

Recruiting can be challenging so the key to attracting, retaining and engaging Talent means you will need a well- executed recruiting strategy. Here are 5 great articles that will help you craft the right approaches for recruiting the best candidates out there.

  1. LinkedIn profiles are personal brochures that can help to tell your story and create your professional brand. Learn how to create LinkedIn profiles that hit the mark for recruitment.
  2. What is the evergreen job program and why is the evergreen job approach so impactful?

  3. In the State of Recruiting Survey, recruiters say they don’t want to call recruiting recruiting. What’s your preferred ‘label’ for the corporate (in-house) department that handles recruitment?

  4. Recruiting with Instagram can be done but how?

  5. Even though the personal data protection laws has just kicked in early this week, personal data protection laws isn’t a new thing. Are your staffing practices on the right side of the law?