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Friday Recruiting Brief #10

We get a recruiter, your time is valuable so we’ve pulled together 5 of the top articles to help you stay abreast in the recruiting game.


  1. Although resumes are excellent for learning about a candidate but they might not help an employer learn about an individual's personality or behavior. Instead of just focusing on resumes during the hiring process, here are five alternatives you could also turn to.
  2. Here are seven modern methods recruiters are using to bring in new talent.
  3. To keep up with the Googles and Apples and attract top new college grads, you need to evolve. Learn the lessons from top companies about recruiting millennials.
  4. Recruiting is often a process filled with fear, stress, and opaqueness, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Find out how we can make recruiting better in this article.
  5. To excel at your craft as a recruiter, you need to have these 12 very particular set of skills.