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Great Reads in HR #11

The business of HR will always be Human Capital Management... are you still trying to get the people thing right?


Every week HRBoss review blogs and other publications to find the very best Human Resources posts to keep you updated. Here’s this week’s top picks:



  1. HR business partners, leaders and CXOs today see culture as an essential people strategy and are investing resources to build corporate culture. Learn the top 6 silent culture killers you need to be aware of.


  2. One out of every three employees say that their bosses don't care about them. Don’t you think it’s time to show employees that you care? Here are 7 simple ways to get started.


  3. The number of businesses with a presence in China has exploded in the past decade but there seems to be a huge shortage of China-ready professionals...uh-oh. Read more about the situation here.


  4. ‘Thou shalt not’ for HR pros written by William Tincup, one of the best HR bloggers in the industry. Check out the 10 commandments here.


  5. More than half of employees across the world say their leaders lack the skills necessary to effectively manage their staff. Read more.