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Great Reads In HR #13

In this increasingly global and complex world, HR has to evolve, modernize and move with the times to cultivate a better people strategy.This week’s top picks selects the best articles for a modern HR function.

  1. With the rise of HR Directors as a key business partner to the organization, what makes a good modern HR Director? What can data tell us about him/her and how do you pick the right one?


  2. Traditional HR metrics are passé. They are backward looking and only report on what happen historically. Here are 11 good reasons for HR to move into the future with Predictive Analytics.


  3. As a company grows and becomes more complex, hiring a chief of staff can be a smart move. Find out why.


  4. GE is often highlighted as an organization that develops some of the most effective leaders.. so what’s the secret sauce? Raghu Krishnamoorthy GE's vice president of executive development and chief learning officer shares it all.