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Great Reads in HR #14
Undeniably, Workforce planning is crucial to the success of all organisations but is an inadequate Talent pipeline haunting your business? In the spirit of Halloween, here are some tricks and treats on the topic of workforce planning that you might enjoy:
  1. Despite its importance, workforce planning is often not carefully planned, measured or optimized. Learn why workforce planning is so essential to high-performing organisations.
  2. If you’ve come a long way and now you are starting to wonder how mature your workforce planning function is relative to “best practice” and other companies, it could be time for a workforce planning audit.
  3. Workforce plans are tied to budgets and numbers. When it comes to crafting an effective Talent pipeline, CFOs needs workforce visibility just like HR. Read: The CFO Blindspot
  4. Every new year brings with it uncertainties and an element of surprise...What are the questions you should incorporate in your workforce plans for 2015? Click here to find out.