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3 Myths of Recruiter Software and Technology Use - Busted

With the arrival of resume management systems, ATS/CRM, and job boards - just to name a few - the possibilities of technology has significantly changed the landscape of recruitment… but many believe that recruiters are still holding back on investing in recruiting Tech for various reasons. Though Recruitment technology is lauded for its fast time-to-value and long-term cost & time-saving benefits, how do recruiters really feel about the rise of recruiting software and technology?

To get to the bottom of this, Software Advice, an online resource for recruiting software buyers, recently conducted a survey and polled approximately 100 recruiters to find out their perceptions when it comes to using recruiting software or technology. Crucially, the findings of the study revealed that the scepticism surrounding recruiting software and technology were indeed unsubstantiated.

Here are the top 3 myths debunked by Software Advice:

Myth 1:

‘Recruiters are laggards when it comes to recruiting technology adoption’

The reality:

The study found that 91 percent were using some form of recruiting technology or software. Of those, 89 percent noted that recruiting software/technology was either “extremely” or “very important” to them performing their jobs well, while just 2 percent noted that technology was merely “somewhat important.” And, interestingly, none of the recruiters polled said that technology was “not at all important” for high job performance.

Importance of Recruiting Technology for High Job Performance


Myth 2:

‘Recruiting technology is too complicated for recruiters to get up to speed quickly.’

The Reality:

The idea that recruiting technology is too difficult to learn is a huge disconnect from the reality of how easy it actually is to use.95% either ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ agree that it was easy for them and/or their team to learn how to use their recruiting software/technology.

Recruiters' Perception of Technology as ‘Easy to Learn’



Myth 3:

‘Recruiting software and technology is not secure’

The reality:

91% were either ‘extremely’ or ‘very confident’ that the data stored in their recruiting technology/software was secure—and none of the respondents reported being “not at all confident” in their data security.

Recruiters’ Confidence in Security of Data Stored in Software/Technology


The study also takes it a step further to understand why the other 9% are not taking the leap:

Budget was by far the most significant factor, with 50 % saying their lack of software was due to limited financial resources. 25% revealed that recruiting software/technology was too complicated, and thought the manual methods they were using were quicker.

Top Obstacles for Recruiters Who Don’t Use Technology 

With 91% of recruiters embracing recruiting technology, the study clearly shows that they have been inappropriately labelled as laggards. If you’re one of the 9% who aren’t paying attention to how technology is improving the recruitment space, you possibly run the risk of falling far behind your competitors quickly. In fact, the study represents a snapshot of the truth that recruiting software and technology has proven to be extremely valuable for those who have adopted it.