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Great Reads in HR #22
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  1. Talent acquisition sounds like an easy job but as the world evolves and organisations are forced to become more responsive, have you thought about what agility looks like in talent acquisition? Here’s how you can be agile to solve the talent acquisition supply-and-demand dance.
  2. Most business owners know that unhappy employees cost them money, but you'll be shocked at how high that cost actually is.
  3. Laurie Ruettimann, one of our favourite ladies in the HR space shares how leaders and professionals alike can easily manage the crushing onslaught of HR data and make use of it. 
  4. Now, for some news from Japan: Prompted by a new rule requiring orientation meetings for new graduates, this year’s job-hunting season in Japan has turned into a short-term battle.
  5. Why CFOs needs to work hand-in-hand with HR: Leveraging Employees - It Takes a Strong Partnership With Finance and HR