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Great Reads in HR #33

Every Friday, we cover the good, the bad and the best HR pieces of the week. This week’s curation include HR epic shift towards ‘People Management’ systems, tips and tricks to simplify onboarding and what happens to the workplace when salaries are made public.

  1. Say goodbye to Talent Management and make way for People Management – what’s with this shift?
  2. Cost per Hire & Time to Fill are 2 essential metrics every organisation should keep track of…but what about  Cost of Failed Hires?
  3. Onboarding a new hire is not as easy as it seems. Here’s a checklist for everything you need to do when you hire someone new.
  4. Have you ever wondered what happens when all salaries are made public? Find out now.
  5. According to a recent Bersin by Deloitte research, organisations with a clear Talent strategy are more likely to perform well on business outcomes, including innovation, efficiency and business agility. Get the full scoop here.