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Great Reads in HR #34

Great Reads in HR is back! Here’s your weekly dose of must-read articles for workforce leaders and HR professionals.

  1. Read last month’s issue of HBR (‘It’s Time to Blow up HR and Build Something New’)? This brilliant article co-published by Miriam Ort, Head of HR PepsiCo UK and Marc Effron, President of The Talent Strategy Group, contests the notion and pushes instead for a re-invention of HR.
  2. When it comes to business decision making, analytics plays an influential role….but data lacks what it means to be human. HR professionals need to help and train managers in understanding ethical implications. Here’s why HR needs to help management.
  3. Knowing the do’s and don’ts is the first step to HR success. Learn the top 10 things employers must know about their policies and agreements.
  4. More often than not, HR and Marketing have no relationship at all. In the age of data, leverage on Marketeers analytical capabilities – a collaboration is right there for the taking!