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Great Reads in HR #36

Tell me Talent attraction is not a priority for your company….I bet no forward-looking HR professional or business leader will ever say this.

For this week's Great Reads in HR, we curated a collection of top articles focusing on Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and analytics for HR.

  1. Many companies are better at rejecting candidates and replacing talent than they are at attracting people in the first place. Here’s a list of mistakes companies make and what you can do to avoid scaring Talent away.
  2. If you want to hire the best, it helps to learn from the best. Here are 5 ways top CEOs screen job candidates.
  3. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in Talent management. Research shows that the leading companies in most markets and industry sectors share one thing in common: a superior talent strategy to their competitors.  Read this: How to Maximise ROI - SaaS Talent Management 101 For HR
  4. Based on a survey of 3,300 HR and business leaders in 106 countries, analytics is one of the areas where organizations face a significant capability gap. Are you one of them? Deloitte explains how talent analytics technology can help with managing Talent costs.
  5. As the ‘war for talent’ heats up, how are companies in Singapore strengthening their Employer Brand efforts to attract the brightest and the best people to work for them? Check out this infographic for a review of the Good, The Bad & The Ugly when it comes to Employer branding in Singapore.