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Great Reads in HR #37

Help yourself to the finest selection of HR pieces we’ve carefully picked this week and be inspired.

  1. Tom Haak, Director of HR Trend Institute predicts 10 Talent Management Trends for 2016. Uncover them all in his article here.
  2. Most HR leaders are aware of the advantages in using HR Tech and analytics, but just how many are fully equipped to leverage on the benefits of such technology? This report reveals all.
  3. Identify the Talent Sweet Spot and hire the right Talent for your company. Lou Adler, CEO of The Adler Group spells it out in a 10-step guide to help managers hire the best people.
  4. With 2015 moving into its last quarter, it is time to reflect on the trends that the year has seen. Here are three 'not so new' trends the HR world is still struggling to adopt.
  5. Top organisations are lagging behind when it comes to nurturing a compelling Employment Brand. What do experts think? Find out what Steven Yeong, Talent Evangelist, HR entrepreneur Adrian Tan and China Gorman, Global Consultant and Chair of WorkHuman Advisory Board think about the Employer Branding situation in Singapore.