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Great Reads in HR #38

‘Great Reads in HR’ doesn’t always have to be so dull and serious. It’s Friday so let’s change things up a bit.

This week’s pieces were handpicked to put some fun and leisure back in HR. Enjoy!

  1. Sometimes office meetings are dreary but no, do not check your phone. Here’s a great video on how you can survive an office meeting.
  2. If photography is your kind of thing then check this out: a photographic journey back to the office spaces in the 1980s. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for what you’ve got right now.
  3. Free rides home, free dinners and frozen eggs…companies are working harder to please their staff but don’t be fooled by these work perks. Sometimes, a perk is not really a perk.
  4. If you want a fun work environment, you have to allow fun to happen a way your employees believe is fun. Read: Want To Build A Fun Workplace? You Just Need To Let It Happen.