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Great Reads in HR #39

HR secrets should be shared, not kept - that's why when we find the best pieces on the internet, we bookmark them and make it a point to share it weekly on The HRBoss Blog.

  1. Laurie Ruettimann is one of my favourite HR Bloggers simply because her writing always gets me laughing into stitches. Check out her most recent piece: Why Do HR People Have Back Pain?
  2. The world of HR is rapidly evolving and it’s easy to fall behind. Thankfully, the people at When I Work complied a handy list of 10 HR bloggers you must follow to keep you ‘trendy’.
  3. The debate over whether HR technology customers will adopt platforms or point-solutions is over and is a clear winner emerging. Read latest trend report by #HRwins.
  4. ‘HR would be a whole lot better if….’ on TLNT is a great article with important points to take, review and act upon.