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Great Reads in HR #40

Employees can make or break your business- which is why this week we picked great reads that will help you master the Hiring Game. Now get comfortable, grab coffee (or tea if you prefer) and enjoy this week’s top picks!

  1. Going through a list of interview questions isn’t going to help sift good apples from the bad. Learn the art of interviewing by @Fistful Of Talent
  2. Tech entrepreneur, Sten Tamkivi, shares his perspective on an entrepreneur’s place in his company, hiring and integrating a globally dispersed team and the competition for talent. Read the full interview here.
  3. Weekly on TLNT, Mel Kleiman who runs @Humetrics shares quick and dirty tips on hiring. This week, he reveals the key to making better hiring decisions.
  4. Employees at the world’s best companies seem to have a good thing going for them but you should see some of the questions they had to answer to get there. Read: 17 of the Weirdest Interview Questions Google and Other Big Companies Ask to Identify Top Talent
  5. Still trying to get the candidate experience thing right? Check out these 9 statistics behind what applicants want.