HRBoss Blog: HR Big Data

Article by Dawn Altnam

on 20 Dec 2012

HiringBoss is an industry-leader when it comes to data security. We take data protection seriously- which is why are the only eRecruiting platform in Asia to hold the prestigious Privacy Mark, the officially recogised gold seal of data privacy standards in Japan.

Article by Janine Truitt

on 13 Dec 2012

Here at HiringBoss we've been quicker than most (we admit it!) to embrace the futurism of fact, we like the think we play a small part in leading the way. In this blog, HiringBoss contributor Janine Truitt shares her thoughts on how the virtual workspace has broken down barriers and is making the world of HR and learning a more open, and interesting, place. Do you agree with Janine? Her viewpoint comes from a US-perspective but do her opinions hold weight here in Asia too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.