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Article by Indra Budiman

on 8 Jul 2013

Value Gathering Event – July 2013
On Thursday 4th July 2013, Value Consult and HiringBoss Indonesia hosted the Value Gathering Event. It was a great session together with more than 10 people who attended the event. Located at the Elite Club Epicentrum function room, all participants actively discussed the current trend of recruitment in social & digital era.

Article by hiringboss

on 7 Jul 2013

HiringBoss participated in the Human Capital 2013 event in Tokyo this month, with interesting results. This annual event is held each July and it brings together HR experts and Human Capital industry heavyweights from across Japan and beyond. This year's event had a theme of 'Global Innovation' and provided the perfect platform to showcase our innovative global HR solutions, optimized for businesses based in Asia.

Article by Jason de Luca

on 1 Jul 2013

I’m rather blunt in my anti-technology stance here in Japan, which is odd, as most of my client base are IT vendors and large IT organizations within multinationals. No apologies from me.

That’s the focus of my consulting, IT is just a tool, and businesspeople use tools, they shouldn't strive to become one. 

Business process management, implementing a new workflow or solution, is one project that is often full of tools, yet short on focus.

Article by Austin Merritt

on 28 Jun 2013

While many companies hire based on candidates’ experience, others find raw talent to be a stronger harbinger of success. But, how do you identify and measure “raw talent” during the hiring process?

Austin Merritt, the COO at Software Advice--a website that presents reviews and ratings of recruiting software --recently shared how he objectively measures raw talent during his team’s hiring process. In a post on Software Advice’s New Talent Times blog, Merritt shares his “coffee scenario,” a role-playing scenario used when hiring for his inside sales team. It closely imitates the process his team goes through when placing sales calls. Except, instead of advising the caller on what software to purchase, the job candidate advises the caller on what coffee shop to visit. Here are a few key tips Merritt has shared about his process:

Article by Erin Osterhaus

on 17 Jun 2013

The human resources department will disappear in a matter of years. All HR functions will be taken over by software or outsourced. At least that’s what some are saying.

They’re wrong.

Article by Clara Phuoc Nguyen

on 20 May 2013

On a windy and rainy afternoon of 15 May, there was a warm gathering and enthusiastic discussion about the emergence of Employer Branding on the strategic agenda of HR executives.  Fifteen experienced HR professionals from various industries such as Banking, IT, F&B, Real Estate, FMCG and Executive Search came to the table with interesting and converging viewpoints that Employer Branding is increasingly important.

Article by Erin Osterhaus

on 14 May 2013

It's hard to evaluate a third-party recruiter in advance. The ultimate test, of course, is whether the recruiter brings you high-quality candidates. But you won't know this until you've worked with that recruiter for months. You'll certainly want to choose a recruiter who has experience hiring in your industry for the type of talent you need. But these basics just scratch the surface.

Article by Danya Williams

on 13 May 2013

Employer Branding is becoming a hot topic in Asia. With competition for top talent increasing, companies know they need to do something but are not quite sure how to go about it.

Article by Danya Williams

on 9 May 2013

On Wednesday 8th May, HiringBoss hosted one of their HR Executive Breakfast Club events at the Singapore Cricket Club. The topic being discussed was whether Employer Branding is HR’s responsibility alone, with guest speaker Rachele Focardi from Universum and HiringBoss COO Rolf Bezemer. As part of the registration process, we asked 4 survey questions to kick start the debate.

•    Is Employer Branding part of your HR strategy?

Article by Dawn Altnam

on 7 May 2013

In 2013, social media has completely changed the way recruiters operate their searching efforts. Many would argue this change is for the better. Social media makes access to passive candidates—those who aren't looking for positions—much simpler, thus allowing recruiters to find the perfect employees for their clients. Thanks to its benefits, the use of social media for recruiters is growing tremendously in the workplace.

Social media becoming the go-to tool for recruiters

In a 2012 survey from Bullhorn, 98 percent of recruiters reported using social media as part of their recruiting efforts. This is up from 94 percent in 2011 and a mere 84 percent in 2009. This statistic indicates that almost every recruiter is using social media as a crucial part of their hiring process. In 2013 this isn't likely to change.