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Article by Annabella Poon

on 17 Apr 2015

This week’s round-up features 2 must-read whitepapers on workforce trends, find out who HR’s worst enemy is and tips on how to get started with the big and hairy HR analytics.


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Article by Annabella Poon

on 6 Mar 2015

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Article by Bernie Schiemer

on 6 Feb 2014

  1. No universal panacea for Asia
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Article by Annabella Poon

on 22 Jan 2014

What do Baseball and HR have in common? DATA ANALYTICS!

On 17 January 2014, HRBoss Japan organised a highly successful breakfast event held at Tokyo American Club centred on Data Analytics. Despite the early morning start at 8.30am and the unforgiving bitter cold weather in Japan, over 51 C-suite professionals from various industries attended the event.

Article by hiringboss

on 7 Jul 2013

HiringBoss participated in the Human Capital 2013 event in Tokyo this month, with interesting results. This annual event is held each July and it brings together HR experts and Human Capital industry heavyweights from across Japan and beyond. This year's event had a theme of 'Global Innovation' and provided the perfect platform to showcase our innovative global HR solutions, optimized for businesses based in Asia.

Article by Jason de Luca

on 11 Apr 2013

With companies desperate to hire large groups of workers, why are so many RPOs/In-House recruitment desks failing? Low unemployment, company loyalty, sempai kohai relationships, similar target candidate profiles, are obvious reasons, but those are things you cannot control.

Below are some typical reasons such programs fail.

Article by Mika Nomura

on 9 Jan 2013

In the 2nd of her exclusive series of blogs for HiringBoss, Japanese social recruiting expert Mika Nomura discusses the merits of social recruiting in Japan.
“In my previous HiringBoss blog, I covered off the basics of "What is social recruiting and what does it mean for hiring in Japan?”. I introduced you to the basic channels currently available, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

Article by Dawn Altnam

on 20 Dec 2012

HiringBoss is an industry-leader when it comes to data security. We take data protection seriously- which is why are the only eRecruiting platform in Asia to hold the prestigious Privacy Mark, the officially recogised gold seal of data privacy standards in Japan.

Article by Jason de Luca

on 22 Oct 2012

The force-fullness with which outdated “norms” are protected amazes even my pea brain.

How such highly educated, experienced and polished APAC heads of sales consistently fail at building up a Japan-area selling force is cause for pause. You hired a “local” to do it here and they failed, wrong, YOU failed.
Let’s look at some of the farsehoods that plague overseas leaders trying to generate solid sales results here in Japan.

Intercultural Sensitivity - Complete waste of time.

Article by Matt Allanson

on 25 Jan 2012

One of the great things about running a business in Asia is the diversity of cultures on your door step.