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Workforce Planning Trends & Practices Asia 2015
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Article by Annabella Poon

on 6 May 2015

A sample of takeaways from the report include the following:
  • Only 2% of companies are happy with current workforce planning processes
  • Employee-related information is out of reach: 77% use more than 3 different sources of data for workforce planning and more than half are unable to access the information they need to accurately predict future talent gaps.

Article by hiringboss

on 7 Jul 2013

HiringBoss participated in the Human Capital 2013 event in Tokyo this month, with interesting results. This annual event is held each July and it brings together HR experts and Human Capital industry heavyweights from across Japan and beyond. This year's event had a theme of 'Global Innovation' and provided the perfect platform to showcase our innovative global HR solutions, optimized for businesses based in Asia.

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Article by Eloise Sutton-Kirkby

on 5 Mar 2013

HiringBoss V4 is the breakthrough upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Here’s a taste of the new features coming to HiringBoss customers this March:

It’s all about…Usability

Article by Matt Allanson

on 13 Sep 2012

This blog, recently published in Singapore HR publication HRM Magazine, is from HiringBoss's Singapore Sales Director, Matt Allanson.

"Recently Apple finally launched a full-fledged iTunes store in Singapore. It’s a brilliant system and more than a little addictive. But what impressed me most about Apple’s launch is the local flavor of the content.

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Article by Eloise Sutton-Kirkby

on 17 Dec 2011

We all know what it’s like. You visit a company’s website  in search of answers- maybe  some details on features or pricing- only to wind up frustrated and confused. Sometimes you don't want to fill out a contact form or pick up the phone. You just want a quick response from a real person. Ideally, from a person who knows what they're talking about. Is that too much to ask?