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Article by HRBoss

on 8 May 2014

Finding the right Talent can be challenging, especially if you’re looking to fill a key management role. Investing in a new employee takes time and effort, and after devoting resources to groom the new hire, the last thing you want is for your Talent to walk out, straight into your competitor’s office. In a highly competitive region such as Asia, retaining Talent is a growing concern for organizations and you’ll need to do what it takes to keep top Talent working for you.

Article by Steve Kay

on 23 Apr 2014

Have you ever heard the saying “You can’t find what’s not there”?

Article by Bernie Schiemer

on 6 Feb 2014

  1. No universal panacea for Asia

Article by Manisha Dhalani

on 23 Jan 2014

The latest statistics on labour turnover is out. Amongst other key figures, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) reported that as of Q3 2013, the resignation rate in Singapore fell to 2.0%.
The number doesn’t seem very high. And it’s good news – because employers in Singapore must be doing something right.

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Article by HRBoss

on 10 Jan 2014

By Sonia Rawichadran, Client Solutions Consultant at HRBoss

Succession Planning (noun) ‘The process of finding suitable people and preparing them to replace important executives in an organization when these executives leave or retire’ – Cambridge Dictionaries

Article by Nancy Parks

on 17 Dec 2013

The RAIN Group, a premier resource for professional services sales and marketing conducted a landmark study of over 700 actual sales engagements. They wanted to find out the difference between what sales winners did, compared to those who came in second place.


They found that winners consistently demonstrated superior behaviors on three levels:

Article by Manisha Dhalani

on 20 Nov 2013

Singapore is well-known for skyscrapers with giant screens that flash logos of companies which provide exceptional customer service. But how much of this consumer branding equates to how these brands perform as employers? Do these companies take hiring seriously? Are they providing the new generation of talent with satisfying recruitment experiences?

Article by Sree Nair

on 11 Nov 2013

Malaysia continues to be a growing knowledge and service-based economy but the lack of workforce planning and insufficient investment in staff training and development could present challenges to those recruiting in 2014.
Recently, Andrew Ch'ng, Group CEO of JobsDB Asia discussed the following online recruitment trends, sibling rivalry with and industry challenges on BFM 89.9 radio station:

Article by Nancy Parks

on 8 Nov 2013

This week, Nancy Parks, founder of HRPartnersplus - a training and consulting practice specializing in sales skill training for recruiters, shares an excellent tip on how you can increase quality of candidates within a short amount of time.

" Measures of success are important in business today. And it's no different in recruiting -- metrics are important. One key recruiting metric is a "time measurement" -- either "time to fill" or "time to find".

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Article by HRBoss

on 26 Sep 2013

Acquisition consolidates HRBoss’ dominance of the Singaporean eRecruiting and applicant tracking market, accelerating their regional expansion across Asia.

Read the live release here.

HRBoss, Asia’s dedicated HCM and recruiting Cloud solutions provider, today announced their acquisition of Singapore-based applicant tracking company, Aqayo. This is the latest in a series of recent announcements from HRBoss, including their recent corporate rebranding from HiringBoss to HRBoss and the release of 3 major new product lines. Aqayo’s ATS and social recruiting platform will be combined with the HRBoss solutions, in particular their flagship applicant tracking solution HiringBoss, to provide a more comprehensive offering to clients. The deal adds Aqayo’s widely respected team and technology to HRBoss’s suite of Cloud HR solutions, establishing them as the clear leader of eRecruiting solutions in Singapore.