HRBoss Blog: Talent Acquisition

Article by Jason de Luca

on 22 Oct 2012

The force-fullness with which outdated “norms” are protected amazes even my pea brain.

How such highly educated, experienced and polished APAC heads of sales consistently fail at building up a Japan-area selling force is cause for pause. You hired a “local” to do it here and they failed, wrong, YOU failed.
Let’s look at some of the farsehoods that plague overseas leaders trying to generate solid sales results here in Japan.

Intercultural Sensitivity - Complete waste of time.

Article by Dr Wendell Williams Ph.d

on 21 Sep 2012

HiringBoss contributor Dr. R. Wendell Williams, Ph.D.,  is Managing Director of He specializes in helping organizations develop job competencies, measure applicant skills, implement performance management programs, develop performance appraisal systems, make promotion decisions, and develop Web-enabled hiring sites. Check out our friends over at for more of Dr.

Article by Matt Allanson

on 13 Sep 2012

This blog, recently published in Singapore HR publication HRM Magazine, is from HiringBoss's Singapore Sales Director, Matt Allanson.

"Recently Apple finally launched a full-fledged iTunes store in Singapore. It’s a brilliant system and more than a little addictive. But what impressed me most about Apple’s launch is the local flavor of the content.

Article by Fraser Hill

on 11 Sep 2012

"It’s no secret to any of us that the appetite and shift to more direct sourcing is driven to a large extent by the focus on cost savings. Agency margins have been driven down to within an inch of their life over the years and so the next natural step was always going to be to “do it ourselves.” Internal recruiters have been around now for years, some under the guise of the RPO model.

Article by Dr. John Sullivan

on 6 Sep 2012

Dr. John Sullivan is well known as an expert in the field of HR, with a reputation as a provocateur and purveyor of fresh ways of approaching the industry.  Through speaking engagements, publications, corporate workshops and advisory service projects, DJS has challenged the antiquated role of HR and championed a new breed of business performance minded human resource professionals. We are thrilled to have him contribute this think-piece to HiringBoss blog. Enjoy!

Article by Dr Wendell Williams Ph.d

on 20 Aug 2012

Guest-blogger and HiringBoss contributor Dr. R. Wendell Williams, Ph.D., address the pitfalls of making rushed hiring decisions. Dr.

Article by Kyle Lagunas

on 16 Aug 2012

About the Author: As HR Analyst at and regular HiringBoss contributor, Kyle Lagunas reports on important trends, best practices, and technology in human resources and talent management.

"For many business leaders, “engagement” is just a buzzword.