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Article by Annabella Poon

on 31 Oct 2014

Undeniably, Workforce planning is crucial to the success of all organisations but is an inadequate Talent pipeline haunting your business? In the spirit of Halloween, here are some tricks and treats on the topic of workforce planning that you might enjoy:
  1. Despite its importance, workforce planning is often not carefully planned, measured or optimized. Learn why workforce planning is so essential to high-performing organisations.
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Article by Annabella Poon

on 18 Jun 2014

The global war for Talent is more intense than ever before.  For Human Resources professionals today, the challenge of attracting, identifying and engaging Talent is increasingly difficult. Organizations are stepping up their recruiting game and leveraging on e-recruitment tools to gain a competitive edge.

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Article by HRBoss

on 16 Apr 2014

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to automate recruitment tracking and simplify the recruitment life cycle by managing resume data and job applications electronically, alleviating a lot of backlog in hiring. Almost all large organizations and approximately 70 % of all mid-sized companies use some type of ATS in 2013, and that number is increasing as more businesses are starting to invest in HR technology.

Article by Stephen Bylo

on 10 Mar 2014

The location of our customer’s data is really important to us at HRBoss.  Our customers often ask, and indeed demand, that the location of their data is well-defined. This could be for many reasons including compliance, data residency or preference of choice. For example, clients often request that, “The central storage location of our application data must stay within China/Japan”. When data in a particular location is geographically closer to our customers, they'll see lower pings and better performance from that provider- so, of course, it is a reasonable request for them to make.

Article by Manisha Dhalani

on 7 Feb 2014

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore launched fresh findings in the past week with statistics depicting a tight labour market and an increasing number of unfulfilled vacancies. Figures show that vacancies stood at 61,900 in September 2013 – a whopping 9.7 per cent more than a year before.

Article by Bernie Schiemer

on 6 Feb 2014

  1. No universal panacea for Asia

Article by Janine Truitt

on 21 Oct 2013

This week, Janine Truitt, our US-based regular HRBoss contributor, highlights a key problem (and major candidate bugbear) you might have overlooked....and which could be seriously undermining your recruitment efforts.

*Disclaimer: all HRBoss solutions are multi-bowser compatible, and can be used globally and across Asia - including behind China's firewall. Can you say the same about your HRIS and careers website?

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Article by HRBoss

on 26 Sep 2013

Acquisition consolidates HRBoss’ dominance of the Singaporean eRecruiting and applicant tracking market, accelerating their regional expansion across Asia.

Read the live release here.

HRBoss, Asia’s dedicated HCM and recruiting Cloud solutions provider, today announced their acquisition of Singapore-based applicant tracking company, Aqayo. This is the latest in a series of recent announcements from HRBoss, including their recent corporate rebranding from HiringBoss to HRBoss and the release of 3 major new product lines. Aqayo’s ATS and social recruiting platform will be combined with the HRBoss solutions, in particular their flagship applicant tracking solution HiringBoss, to provide a more comprehensive offering to clients. The deal adds Aqayo’s widely respected team and technology to HRBoss’s suite of Cloud HR solutions, establishing them as the clear leader of eRecruiting solutions in Singapore.

Article by hiringboss

on 7 Jul 2013

HiringBoss participated in the Human Capital 2013 event in Tokyo this month, with interesting results. This annual event is held each July and it brings together HR experts and Human Capital industry heavyweights from across Japan and beyond. This year's event had a theme of 'Global Innovation' and provided the perfect platform to showcase our innovative global HR solutions, optimized for businesses based in Asia.

Article by Jason de Luca

on 1 Jul 2013

I’m rather blunt in my anti-technology stance here in Japan, which is odd, as most of my client base are IT vendors and large IT organizations within multinationals. No apologies from me.

That’s the focus of my consulting, IT is just a tool, and businesspeople use tools, they shouldn't strive to become one. 

Business process management, implementing a new workflow or solution, is one project that is often full of tools, yet short on focus.