HRBoss Blog: November 2011

Article by Heather McLeish

on 25 Nov 2011

Look down the hall to the Human Resources department. Notice anything different?  Years ago, when the industry was in its infancy, the HR department was an undefined administrative post which helped set the framework for hiring and firing of employees.

Article by Matt Allanson

on 4 Nov 2011

Let’s keep this simple: ‘Software-as-a-Service’, 'Saas', ‘the Cloud’, ‘Web-based software’- or whatever else you want to call it - is software you access from off-site servers via the internet.  You’ll come across consultants who try to make it sound more complex than it actually is. Many people are using it without actually realising it…Added a picture to Facebook? Bang, you’ve used the cloud. Got a Gmail account? You’re flying with Aladdin.