HRBoss Blog: November 2012

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Article by Eloise Sutton-Kirkby

on 28 Nov 2012

#TruSingapore Recruitment UNconference is coming to shake up Singapore’s recruitment market with new ideas and heated debates. Taking place on November 28th,  HiringBoss is honoured to have 2 of our senior leadership team, Rolf Bezemer (Global COO) and Matt Allanson (Singapore Country Manager) billed as guest speakers and local market experts.

Article by Dawn Altnam

on 19 Nov 2012

"The cloud is changing the way businesses do everything. Where employees used to be tied to the computers in their offices to do anything work related, they can now access important files from anywhere on any laptop or mobile device. Office cultures are becoming less fixed and more “come when you want.” Work is getting done everywhere. Companies can run standard, everyday software in the cloud and let their employees access it wherever they are. Data is saved in real time and stored in a safe location away from the office. For all these reasons, the cloud means freedom to enterprise.

Article by Anne-Marie Delfgaauw

on 8 Nov 2012

HiringBoss contributor, Anne-Marie Delfgaauw, weighs in on the contentious issue of Employee Engagement. Join the conversation and let us know what 'employee engagement' means to you.

"Everybody wants to work at Google. Google is one of the companies with the most engaged employees in the world, so of course people want to work there.  Let's sum up a few (not all!) of the plusses of working at Google.