HRBoss Blog: June 2015

Fair Consideration Framework- One Year On... What's New?

Article by Rachel Tan

on 25 Jun 2015

With the flurry of new employment regulations introduced within a span of barely two years, it is all too easy for employers in Singapore to overlook certain rules and face the risk of running afoul of the law. In this post, we recap the key HR regulations you ought to know and show you how you can safeguard your HR practices to keep compliant to the new rules.


Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) and Jobs Bank

Great Reads in HR #30

Article by Rachel Tan

on 12 Jun 2015

Not sure how to be a better leader? Fret not, let this Friday’s top picks teach you how to be all your team ever wants in a leader.

1.       Understand your employees’ behaviors better with these 5 psychological theories every leader should know

Workforce Planning Trends & Practices Singapore
Annabella Poon's picture

Article by Annabella Poon

on 3 Jun 2015

  • How do organisations in Singapore carry out their workforce planning initiatives?
  • What are their topmost workforce concerns?