Employee engagement

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Article by Annabella Poon

on 20 Mar 2015

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  1. Looking for ways to improve employee engagement? Organisations are working towards raising employee health and well-being to build a stronger company. Check out the infographic.

Article by Manisha Dhalani

on 23 Jan 2014

The latest statistics on labour turnover is out. Amongst other key figures, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) reported that as of Q3 2013, the resignation rate in Singapore fell to 2.0%.
The number doesn’t seem very high. And it’s good news – because employers in Singapore must be doing something right.

Article by Danya Williams

on 10 Apr 2013

Job Hoppers
Millennials are increasing their impact within offices globally. By 2020 they are predicted to make up 46%, almost half of the workforce. Millennials are significant because they are known for job hopping every 2-3 years in their search for meaningful work, cultural alignment and getting what they want.

Given organisations will find this prediction worrying, Jim Stroud, USA suggests companies should consider the following:

Article by Anne-Marie Delfgaauw

on 8 Nov 2012

HiringBoss contributor, Anne-Marie Delfgaauw, weighs in on the contentious issue of Employee Engagement. Join the conversation and let us know what 'employee engagement' means to you.

"Everybody wants to work at Google. Google is one of the companies with the most engaged employees in the world, so of course people want to work there.  Let's sum up a few (not all!) of the plusses of working at Google.

Article by Kyle Lagunas

on 16 Aug 2012

About the Author: As HR Analyst at SoftwareAdvice.com and regular HiringBoss contributor, Kyle Lagunas reports on important trends, best practices, and technology in human resources and talent management.

"For many business leaders, “engagement” is just a buzzword.