Privacy Policy

Established: November 1, 2011
Modified: September 9, 2014
HRBoss Japan K.K.
Bernie Schiemer, CEO

HRBoss Japan K.K. hereby declares that, as a company providing recruitment, Staffing and Employee data analysis & management software in various industries. We recognize that the careful handling of personal information and protection of individual rights and benefits are our important social responsibilities and we will address implementation of personal information protection. 

  1. Handling of Personal Information
    • Upon collecting personal information, we will clarify the purpose of use thereof as much as possible and will use such personal information by lawful and fair means to the extent necessary for fulfilling such purpose.
    • We will limit the use of an individual’s personal information within the scope of the purpose that is
    • specified, notified or announced to such individual and will implement measures to prevent the use of such personal information outside the scope of such purpose.
    • Upon providing or outsourcing the handling of an individual’s personal information to a third
    • party, we will do so in a lawful manner within the scope of the purpose of use agreed to by such individual.
  2. Security Systems
    We will implement safety measures including information security measures to ensure the accuracy of personal information and the safety of the use thereof, and will make efforts to prevent unauthorized access to and leakage, loss or damage of personal information and to improve security.
  3. Complaints and Consultation
    We will respect all rights of each individual who provides his/her personal information, and when the individual requests us to disclose, correct or delete, or discontinue using or providing his/her personal information, we will duly comply with such request and will appropriately respond to complaints or consultation.
  4. Government Guidelines/Regulations
    We will sufficiently comply with laws, government guidelines and other regulations regarding the handling of personal information.
  5. Personal Information Management System
    We will provide appropriate instructions and training to all employees handling personal information, and will periodically audit the operational status of, and review, the personal information protection management systems to ensure continuing improvement and enhancement of the system.

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